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Memory of Light, by Allyson Barkley
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Benyu Born of Ash, by Katie Feavel
Benyu Born of Ash, by Katie Feavel
Anxiety Toolkit for Teens, by Teen Thrive
Ever Wilde, by HK Jacobs
Memory of Light, Allyson Barkley
The Awakening, by KL Hagaman
Aeon Chronicles, by April M. Woodard

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"10/10 would recommend this incredible voice actress! Working with her was both fun and rewarding. She understood the mood and tone that we were going for, put her heart into the project, and was incredibly easy to work with. I trust that she could take on any assignment and deliver professional results to make your game/video/eBook really special!"

       -Alexander Clark, CEO of Starcade Arcade VR Game Studio   

"I could not have been more impressed with Katie's production of my novel for Audible.  She was professional, timely, and, most importantly, brought my characters to life in a way that made me bubble over with emotion. Five thousand stars."

       -HK Jacobs, Author of the Alex Wilde Series

"She is very sensitive to moods and evokes them well. Katie was especially sensitive to the most heart-wrenching passages of my memoir. She portrays the multiple voices from female to male, young to mature, with sensitivity too."

       -Faith Fuller Wilcox, Author of Hope is a Bright Star


"Katie was the perfect narrator for my book. Somehow she was able to give all of my characters their own voice and personality, perfectly portraying them for the listener. She also has the technical know-how that I lack. The process was so simple as she provided upload-ready files that met Amazon's requirements. She got the job done weeks before I expected it. She's professional to work with, but also a lot of fun! She made the whole process easy and I look forward to working with her on the rest of my series!"

       -A.E. Faulkner, Author of the Nature's Fury Series